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SMC-BEd: PAASCU Level III Accredited!
Date January 9, 2014 - Thursday   Author SMC Webmaster

St. Michael's College - Basic Education Department was recently granted a Level III status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

ARCHANGELS triumphs Danztrack Hangover 8
Date January 9, 2014 - Thursday   Author Ma. Mikhaelle Venice M. Coronel


SMC Archangels ranked 1st place and received special awards: Best in Production Number, Most popular and Best in Costume during the Danztrack Hangover 8 High School Category held at MSU-IIT Gym last September 22, 2013.

Archangels Varsity triumphs SPC, 79-72
Date January 9, 2014 - Thursday   Author Syriel Jay T. Galabin


Cheers and yells filled the entire gymnasium as both teams rallied a roller-coaster encounter through firing ankle-breaking shots and galloping lay-ups that soothe the taste of the crowd, these toe-to-toe actions seemed to last till overtime not until a shocking decision silenced the game. 


Special Programs: A Call to Servanthood
Date August 3, 2011 - Wednesday   Author rhjae

pix Another milestone of the Academic Community was made possible through the joint effort of the Subject Area Chairpersons of the Basic Education Department as they launched their Academic and Special Programs for the school year 2011-2012. These Programs are as follows; Drop Everything and Read (DEAR); Speak Good English Move (SGEM); Spelling Program; MATH-SCI Academic Assistance Review Program; GO Green Michaelites; Good Grooming Program; and SEA Forum, a social awareness program. "Biboh Michaelite! Marks a Distinction all year through."

Nutrition Month Celebration
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Angelica C. Gemelo

1112223334445557779999999988899999 “Eat Right with Colors”, the theme for the month’s celebration. The Nutrition Month Celebration was  sponsored by the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES Club) with the ever energetic moderator, Mrs. Maria C. Buot.. Launching of  program and activities through the video presentations was done last June 30, 2011. Varied activities and contest were prepared and was successfully realized through the collaborative effort & support of the different classes, clubs, organizations with their respective teachers/moderators. The events was then culminated with a  “Market Day” last July 29, 2011 and was finally ended with “Pamahaw Espesyal” and Free Clinic last July 30, 2011. Faculty and Staff were very grateful to Dra. Jenny Wamilda, Dr. Jim Basilla and company who facilitated the consultations. Congratulations to Ma’am Buot and Keep it up!

Parents Convened for General Orientation
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Sheena Joy A. Padla

teachers parents All parents from different classes gathered together in St. Joseph’s Gymnasium last July 22, 2011 for the General Orientation of  Parents. The Vision-Mission of the school was   discussed comprehensively by S. Ma. Rufina B. Guillano, RVM, the School President and followed by the General Guidelines and School Policies shared by  S. Mary Irene M. Cajandig, RVM. In this manner, the parents where reoriented and reacquainted on the SMC Vision-Mission, General Guidelines, Policies and Regulations as stipulated in the Students Handbook. This was also the high time for the life-giving forces of the Basic Education Department to introduce to the parents the new Sisters in the school. Indeed, the said activity intensified the Vision-Mission of the school as it continually upholds a harmonious and friendly learning environment.

HR-PATS on Set
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Sheena Joy A. Padla

Home-School Partnership…

Each class conducted the Homeroom-Parents, Administrators, Teachers and Students Program last July 15, 2011. Several guidelines and reminders were discussed including the election of class parent officers, retreats and other related matters. This Program builds a better understanding between parents and teachers as well as the students as members of the academic community of St. Michael’s College. This activity strengthens the home-school partnership of the school in building a family of people convened towards the holistic growth and welfare of the students.

SMC Scouts in Action
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Sheena Joy A. Padla

      bsp bsssp gsp               St. Michael’s College – Basic Education Department, manage to provide worthwhile activities for students such as BSP & GSP Organization. All students assembled themselves on the school ground last July 8, 2011 and created their respective Troops and Patrols. This organization calls us to be advocates of Service and Agents of Camaraderie as the motto of Scouting tells us “Be Prepared”. The Scouting Spirit was evidently shown in the formation of the different troops and patrols.

Club Bonding
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Angelica C. Gemelo

       eco club arts

Acquaintance and club Bonding is one of the exciting and meaningful annual event at St. Michael’s College. All students belonging to the different clubs and organizations will joyfully participate in the said activity. Each one is given the chance to mingle and make friends through the varied activities and games as planned in the program sponsored by the Student Government Body. Club Bonding was held last July 1, 2011 at St. Joseph’s Gymnasium. The event was successful done with the unending support and cooperation of the different moderators and their members as well as the administrators, faculty and staff.

Students General Orientation
Date August 2, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Angelica C. Gemelo

Two days after the start of classes, June 15, 2011, all Michaelites in the Basic Education Department were gathered in the Gymnasium for the very important matters. All students were oriented on the school’s Vision-Mission, rules and regulations as well as the different programs offered, to start the school year right and this was made possible by the administrators, faculty and staff. Furthermore, the freshmen and transferees where cordially Welcomed by the Michaelites Family.

Unwinding Moment
Date June 22, 2011 - Wednesday   Author plz



 St. Michael's College,  Basic Education Department joyfully take a break at Midway Beach Resort last June 4, 2011 in order to refresh thus, to start the school year right.

For according to Ovid,  Take rest: a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

Now, they are already energized to Welcome the back the Michaelites for School Year 2011-2012.  BIBOH MICHAELITES!

Teaching: A Noble Task!
Date June 22, 2011 - Wednesday   Author mdp

        exe sam ict 

Teaching is not an easy task!

One has to continuously upgrade his knowledge & skills to become more competent. It is for this reason why SMC Faculty have undergone series of Seminar-Workshops & In-service sessions before the start of the school year.

Want effective & efficient teachers...COME @ SMC!

Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Mirtle Ann Limbago

“ All is well “

            The RVM Achievement Test  was conducted last February 21, 2011 to all Grade 4 to Fourth Year students. The said examination  aimed to   assess the students academic performance in   Mathematics, English, Science and Christian Living subjects.


Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Ralph Yul Valenzuela

The Seniors and Juniors had a successful JS Promenade last February  18, 2011. The promenade was held  in  the school gymnasium which was decorated to match  the occasion . The promenade didn’t have the usual ceremonies like turnover ceremonies, Rigodon de Honor and others. What   they had was a symbolic turnover ceremony of candles and flowers   and the different duties and responsibilities of the Seniors to the Juniors  such  as the pen ( academics) , key ( leadership) horseshoe ( good luck) bible  ( values formation ) and scroll ( school’s vision and mission).


Advocating the Value of Faith
Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Sheena Joy Padla

To continually uphold the value of faith, St. Michael’s College – Basic Education Department, conducted a confirmation held in St. Michael’s Cathedral last February 17, 2011.

Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Shaira Eltanal


            First communion is considered one of the most holy and  significant ceremony in Roman Catholics. In this occasion, a person receive the sacrament of the Eucharist…..the blood and body of Christ. It is a desirable thing that everyone wants to experience. It brings us closer to God in fulfilling our mission as sons and daughters of the Divine Master.


Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Sarah Joy T. Galabin

“ Leadership is not just  position but action “

            As the academic year of 2011  about to end, the Student Government  set of  officers with the assistance of their  ever-supportive moderators Mrs. Nilda E. Villacillo spearheaded the election  for new set of officers for the academic year of 2011-2012  last February 4, 2011.

Date March 9, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Racz

Hola SMC!

            The Michalite family of the Basic Education pays tribute to the heroes of today in their heart-affirming Teachers and Staff Day celebration last February 4, 2011 at St. Joseph Gymnasium with the theme “Our Teacher...Our Hero, Molders of the Citizens of Tomorrow”.


Awareness on Cough and Colds Through a Puppet Show
Date March 8, 2011 - Tuesday   Author Sheena Joy Padla

“Funny yet inspiring”

“Simple yet animating”

“Pomp yet apprising”

These are just some of the adjectives that describe the puppetry show held in St. Joseph’s Gymnasium, SMC-BED Campus last January 31, 2011.

A Day Full of Joy and Love
Date February 3, 2011 - Thursday   Author Christine May L. Batoy

                                                           First Year Charity Celebrates Feast Day

                   So Faith, Hope, Love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13:13

            mass comm clas  

outreacheat1 Feast day in Honor of St. Agnes was celebrated by the First Year - Charity last January 31, 2011. What made it very fulfilling is that; it started with a mass and talk about the Life of St. Agnes and ended with an outreached at the male and female ward patients of Iligan City Hospital. The students and some parents together with the class adviser, Mrs. Maria C. Bout and Mrs. Leonilie L. Adalid, the MICSR in-charge help one another in distributing our simple gifts to our dear brothers and sisters.

                             game1 game game2  

             The program, games and of course the eating sessions also made the celebration more fun and joyous.

                                         It was such a great experienced and we are looking forward for more. 

Date January 31, 2011 - Monday   Author Ms. Racz

                                                         We are Secured with God's Salvific Plan.....   

           ret ret3 ret4

           ret6 ret9 ret7

            The academic community of the Basic Education Department headed by the RVM sisters , S. Ma. Amelia V. Sadaba, RVM and S. Ma. Ruth G. Rabang, RVM rekindles  their successful Retreat and Lakbay-Aral in Luzon  last January 22-27, 2011  specifically in Betania Retreat House in Tagaytay City, Villa Escuderero in San Pablo Laguna , Lights and Sound in Intramuros , Tiera de Maria Our Lady Manaog Shrine , Pink Sisters House ,  China Ocean Park and Phoenix Publishing House in  Quezon City where the group resides .

Date January 17, 2011 - Monday   Author Ralph Yul I. Valenzuela

sa1 sa2In line with the Student Services Week Celebration, a symposium on ‘Teen Alcoholism and Smoking” was held at St. Joseph Gymnasium dated January 12, 2011. The activity was graced with the presence of the resource speaker, Mr. Peter Dela Vega, RN, faculty of the College of Nursing and Nurse Reliever of Mercy Community Hospital. 

 The said activity is very timely since most of the teens of today were engaged into drinking alcohol and smoking at an early age. Most teens don't know the strengths of different alcoholic drinks. Research has revealed that teen drinking  and smoking is mainly a social activity. In fact, teens rarely drink alone.  Mr. Dela Vega stressed out to the students the pros and cons of alcohol dependence and smoking to one’s health. He presented information’s that   would enliven the minds of the students on the dangers of smoking and alcoholism which includes the different illnesses caused by smoking and alcoholism.   sa3

As he ends his talk on alcoholism he emphasized out three important reminders: (1) Abstain / Say No, (2) Think first of your studies and future and (3) If symptoms persist, consult your parent and teachers. These three would also relate to the right decision in terms of smoking.

               This symposium would likely help the students especially those who are into smoking and alcohol dependence to be socially aware and start a new beginning. It is for them to make a choice. Their generation is doomed with societal issues. Their ways are far different from the past.  At the end of the day, they are still the captains of their souls.

Date January 17, 2011 - Monday   Author Sheena Joy A. Padla

                gr.1 St.  Michael’s College Basic Education Department ( BEd) celebrates the Student Services Week, January 7- 14, 2011 sponsored by the Service Support  Group of the school  with the theme “  Michaelites.. Serbisyong Totoo Tungo sa Sentenaryo”.

                The said activity aims to bring out a deeper level of awareness and appreciation among the students in recognition of the programs/ activities offered to them by the various student services areas that are supportive of their holistic development  Furthermore it  wish to provide activities that  facilitates the physical, emotional , social and spiritual needs of the students  and to involvement of the parents/ alumni in the career guidance of the students through their time, skills , talents and knowledge of their chosen career.  It was formally launched last January 7, 2011 right after the first Friday mass of the year.

                gr5 There were different activities conducted by the sponsoring group which highlights the home-school program through a talk on “ My Father and Mother at Work”  of  the grade school and “ Career Guidance:Ganito Kami Noon, Heto Kami Ngayon “of the high school.  The said activities was embraced by the parents who were also invited as resource speakers which makes  the activity more meaningful . The one of a kind gardening experience also of the Faculty and Staff in the activity Farmville at SMC brings each one closer to each other with a smile.

                Indeed it is good to say, as we quote one of Helen Keller’ lines “"Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves."

Date January 17, 2011 - Monday   Author Palz mdp

                alumni1 alumni2 alumni3  

The high school department of Batch 85 sponsored the Grand Alumni Homecoming Celebration of our dear Alma Mater, St. Michael’s College last December 28, 2010 at St. Joseph Gymnasium.  The occasion was graced with the vibrant, young at heart and people of substance from the different alumni all over the country and even overseas that had been part of the “blue” and “white “ family – the Michaelite.  They take pride in coming back "home", to reminisce on past experiences and live in the present of our dear SMC.

                The night was filled with laughter and cheers .A great number of alumni was in attendance from Batch 1985, the hosting group with their ever supportive school principal  on that year. It feels good to see the faces of your dear schoolmates and classmates and rekindle the memories that had continually lingers on through times.  Though the “looks” had changed, the character of the person is still evident. These years’ alumni homecoming is a whole lot different especially in terms of the attendance and presentations are concerned. Everyone had prepared for the occasion as seen in the different daring and innovative showcasing of talents from different batch. It makes the event more meaningful when an amount from the registration was allocated for the Iskolar ni Miguel which is a manifestation that a Michaelite is forever a good servant to others. Plenty of door prizes were given to the deserving winners which includes Batch 1988  who won as  the batch with the  greatest number in attendance. 

                “Fun, well-organized and one of a kind” said Mrs. Efren Y. Andrade, one of those who was entertained and satisfied with the celebration. Furthermore, our dear principal, S.Ma. Amelia V. Sadaba, RVM commended also the activity as she said “Masaya at maganda”.

                Truly, the organizers ,  the alumni director herself , Mrs. Nieves A. Cutab  and the administration headed by S. Ma .Lorina A. Jumawan , RVM deserves such cheers. Once again, the Michaelites had marked a distinction .

Farmville Invasion Strikes SMC
Date January 12, 2011 - Wednesday   Author Mara Jane D. Palos

 fv6 fvvvv fv3 

Farmville is a web based game that is part of social media giant Facebook. In this game you are a farmer. You have to plow your land and then you can plant various food items and flowers. Plowing, and planting crops costs virtual money depending on what crop you choose to plant. You also gain experience, and this is how you level in this game and unlock more items. Sounds familiar?  Have you ever been into a real Farmville   where you cultivate soil and plant crops all at once? 


Getting into its name, St. Michael’s College Basic Education Department ( BEd) conducted   its version of Farmville in the Bayan-Anihan Garden graced with Boodle Fight last January 8, 2011. The activity is in line with the celebration of Students Services Week which brings each faculty and staff in the field as one big happy family in realm of service and excellence. It was a fun-filled activity done with happy hearts. The smiles and cheers of everyone brought meaning to every sweat that fell in a cool morning.


Another milestone has been part of the history of the faculty and staff’s walk to remember as they journey together outside the four corners of the classroom. They believe in the spirit of teamwork as the ability to work together toward a common vision and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Sail on SMC. Biboh Michaelite!

FAMILY DAY: A Bond to Remember
Date January 10, 2011 - Monday   Author Sarah T. Galabin

sis Nothing can be of a greater value than that of a family’s love. It’s more than just mere blood relation and blood types; it’s more than good genes and physical similarities. In fact, it’s much more than that. Those things have far lesser value than that of true essence of having a family, which has the greatest thing that we most longed and yearned for- Love. fm1

Though we don’t get the freewill to choose our family, though we had tons of fights our irritating siblings and sometimes wish them out of our lives, though we desired for independence against our parents; we love them otherwise.

fm2 That is why St. Michael’s College launched the Institutional Family Day last December 12, 2010, to strengthen the bonds we share with our family and to nourish the love we have for them. This has been a yearly practice of the school to intensify the bond of each families geared towards a harmonious home-school partnership.  Activities were exhibition given by the Drum, Bugle and Lyre Corps, jingle contest and games that were participated by both parents and children which gave way for laughter and memories shared with our family and marked as one of the good moments we spent with them.

Thus, S. Ma. Amelia V. Sadaba, RVM, the Principal sincerely gave her message of gratitude to the parents, alumni, students, administration, faculty and staff both in the higher and basic education department for their unending support and cooperation in making this event successful and meaningful. BIBOH MICHALITE!danz dbc

The activity both uplifted our spirits and swelled our hearts with more love we neither thought we did nor possess. It served as the catalyst in drawing closer the family that was once broken and repaired the trust that was once lost.

PAASCU accreditors visits SMC-BEd
Date January 10, 2011 - Monday   Author Hazel C. Palacios

acc St. Michael’s College Basic Education Department (BED) goes through another breathtaking Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) re-survey accreditation last December 9 and 10, 2010.

            The school gave a total preparation for this important event. Teachers and the students showed the value of excellence by giving out their best in the whole process of the visitation. The parents had also shown their full support to the school as they vibrantly answer the accreditors during the interview.  They were also given the chance to stand proud in front of the acccreditors as members of the school community.  exe

            office The nerve-wracking experience turned out to be fun and fulfilling at the end of the day. The school continues to prosper in the light of Mary and the intercession of Venerable Ignacia del Spiritu Santo.  We do hope and pray for the total success of the accreditation as we are yet to know the result this year. The school extends its warmth felicitation and heartfelt gratitude to the PAASCU survey team for their presence and the administration, teachers, staff both in the basic and higher education department, parents and students for their laudable support and meritorious involvement to this one of a kind experience. BIBOH Michalite!

Peace Pole Planting
Date November 26, 2010 - Friday   Author Nazeeh Macagaan

Let Peace Prevail on Earth 


  bsp A Peace Pole is a monument that depicts the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth”. The message is referred to as a peace prayer written in every side of the pole in the language of the country where it will be placed, and usually has 3 to 5 additional translations. This Peace Pole Project is the official Project of the World Peace Prayer Society which started in Japan in 1955 by Masahisa Goi, the founder.cruz
  And Blessed are the people of Iligan City..... A "Pole" that symbolizes Peace was planted last November 24, 2010 at the road center island of Barangay Ma. Cristina, Iligan City. Through the effort of St. Michael's College in cooperation with the City Government, Philippine Army, PNP, NGO's other schools and agencies it was successfully erected. It was planted in that strategic site to be visible to the all the passers and travellers. According to Mr. Goi:"Peace begins in the heart and mind of each individual. As war begins with thoughts of war, Peace begins with thoughts of Peace. The Peace Pole reminds us to keep Peace ever-present in our thoughts. As we learn to honor one another, our environment, plants, animals and all creation on Earth, the vision of global Peace will gradually become a natural way of life, a true culture of Peace." 
 And when you plant a Peace Pole in your community, you are linking with people all over the world who have planted Peace Poles in the same spirit of peace. sis
The said event started with a Prayer led by the Catholic Priest, by the Imam and by the Leader of the Lumads. The presence and cooperation of each and everyone in this event shows that Peace in Iligan is still going strong. The people witnessing the Peace Pole Ceremony and Planting was very much inspired by the  warm message given by Hon. Mayor Lawrence Cruz especially to the youth when he said; "Youth is still the hope for the everlasting peace, if we just choose the right path."

The program then ended with the phrase; "May Peace reign in every corner of our heart and mind."


"Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Let it Prevail on Earth"

SMC Celebrates Indigay 2010
Date October 13, 2010 - Wednesday   Author Angelica C. Gemelo

                     "Moving Forward Beyond Boundaries..."

award St. Michael’s College in its 96th year of experience celebrates Indigay 2010 with the active participation of the different Colleges and the Basic Education Department having varied fun-filled and challenging activities which provides a chance for students to show where they are good at, by participating in the different contest which include sports, literary, musical as well as table, mind and parlor games. The said activities were held last September 22-25, 2010 in Tibanga Campus, Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City.medals


This event has successfully pared the way for the Basic Education Department to mingle with the college department as a family. Moreover, St. Michael’s College strive its best towards a holistic development of each student. It pushes every individual to the limits in making a difference as a catalyst for peace and service to others.



Danztrack Mania
Date October 6, 2010 - Wednesday   Author Lawrence Angelo Cruz

Make Way for the CHAMPIONS!

 danz  track

St. Michael's College Performing Arts Club bagged four awards from the Danztrack competition held in MSU-IIT last September 17, 2010. With over ten competitors, the prestigious group danced their way to success being the First Runner-up as well as they also won the Best in Costume,  Most Popular and Super Ferry's Choice Award. The crowd was stunned as the Michaelites cheers that echoed the walls of the gymnasium.
PAC and to the trainers Ma'am Sam and Ma'am Farina  
And of course to the Propsmen and all the supporters


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St. Michael's College of Iligan City, a Catholic institution of higher learning in Iligan City, administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM), offering four levels of education: elementary, secondary, tertiary and graduate school.

Its programs are accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for 25 years, a silver triumph indeed!

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